I remember receiving my first savings account at the age of 5. My mother presented me with this small, thin, savings book and said to me, "This is where you are going to save your money now." My only concept of money, at the time, were the coins I accumulated in my piggy bank. I didn't quite understand how I was going to put the numbers in this book into the piggy bank my Grandma gave me. But I was definitely interested in finding out.

My mother taught me the importance of savings very early and I'm so glad she did. Often times, money is a difficult topic for people to discuss and they end up shying away from it. I think it is important to discuss matters of money and to be comfortable teaching our children the value of a dollar and the importance of saving that dollar.

The earlier we introduce children to the importance of saving money, the earlier they can become responsible with their money. That is why my husband and I started savings accounts for our children shortly after they were born. Their future depends on it.

When I learned about the Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account from Green Dot Bank, I was thrilled. Why? Because for financial security it is always best to spend less and save more. With the Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account, you actually get rewarded when you spend. Green Dot uses its own money to help you save by paying you a 3% cash back bonus on qualifying purchases made online or in-app purchases. And you can earn 3% annual interest when you save your own money in a Green Dot Bank high yield savings account. This rate is one of the highest rates for a savings account that you can find in the United States currently.

What's more is that there are no overdraft or penalty fees ever and you can make cash deposits at almost 100,000 retailers nationwide.

In a time when the cost of college tuition is skyrocketing, we can truly help our children by contributing to their savings early. And we also help them when we contribute to our own savings by decreasing the likelihood of becoming a financial burden.

It is never too late to give our children the gift of savings. The Green Dot Bank Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account is a great way to start. You can click on the following link for more information

This blog post was sponsored by Green Dot Bank

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