For The Love Of Coffee

Some of my earliest childhood memories consist of special moments watching my mother brew coffee in her Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker. I vividly remember the sound of the machine, the wonderful aroma of the coffee, and the sweet smile on her face as she poured her first cup. As I got older, she started sharing her love of coffee with me and I was instantly hooked. I am so thrilled to be a mom now and have a Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker of my very own.

Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker serves up a really delicious cup of coffee. It has an Advanced Water Flow System that delivers rich, bold flavors. I can use my favorite grounds to make a single serving of 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz. I almost always go with 12 oz. Hey I have 2 sons...don't judge me! It's even possible to set the dial between these amounts to customize your ideal brew size. And when I need to get out the door, I brew my coffee right into my travel mug.

What's more is that I still get to enjoy the convenience of a single serving of coffee without the use of pods. This is so important because this helps to reduce waste which is essential to our well-being and the future of our children.

Another great thing about this machine is that it delivers piping hot coffee. Anyone who knows me well knows if my coffee is not hot hot hot then I am not satisfied. The HotCup uses kettle technology to brew at the optimal coffee temperature which means you get piping hot, fresh coffee every single time.

My love of coffee is real. Recently, I showed my 23-month-old son, Quincy, a picture of an empty cup and asked him, "What's this?". I thought he would say, "cup" but instead he replied, "Coffee!". Both Quincy and his brother, Richie, know Mommy's favorite drink in the world is coffee. I often wonder if one day it will be theirs too.

This blog post was sponsored by Mr. Coffee.

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